Activities outside my Ham Shack over the years


Beside my traffic at home i did several activities outside:


In 1984 and 1985 i activated Luxembourg signing LX/DL8ZAJ

In 1989 i activated Coconino County during my stay in Flagstaff signing W7/DL8ZAJ

In 1991 i activated Liechtenstein signing HB0/DL8ZAJ

In 2018 i operated ARRL Club Station W1AW

IOTA activities:

In 1990 and 1991 i activated Australia OC-001 signing VK2GNR

In 1998 i activated Grado Island EU-130 (Friuli-Venezia Giulia Region group) signing I3/DL8ZAJ

In 1999 i activated Elba Island EU-028 (Toscana (Tuscany) Region group) signing IK5/DL8ZAJ

In 2009 i activated Crete Island EU-015 (Crete Island) signing SV9/Dl8ZAJ


WWFF and POTA activations

In summer of 2020 i started activating WWFF and POTA parks. Till now i activated the following parks:


DLFF- 0115  Bayrischer Spessart

DLFF- 0066 Hessischer Spessart

DLFF- 0589 Weideswiesen Oberwald

DLFF- 0590 Kinzigaue von Langenselbold

DLFF-071 Naturpark Vogelsberg



POTA DA – 0028 Bayrischer Spessart

POTA DA – 0033 Hessischer Spessart

POTA DA – 0042 Naturpark Vogelsberg

POTA DA – 0155 Ostpark Frankfurt

POTA DA – 0154 Grüneburgpark Frankfurt

POTA DA – 0153 Niddapark Frankfurt

POTA DA – 0238 Wilhelmsbad State Park




A typical setup in the back of my car:

Setup for activation