I am participating in a couble of Ham Radio diplomas. My main focus is of course the ARRL DXCC diploma.


DXCC entities confirmed by DL8ZAJ

Here I will present a summary of confirmed entities reached over the years.

Results on shortwave

As I mentioned before I am QRV on all shortwave bands from 160 meters to 10 meters in CW, SSB and digimode since 1982. Between 1974 and 1982 I was only QRV on VHF and UHF bands in SSB.

The presentations here are my entities for the DXCC awards confirmed with a QSL card in CW RTTY/PSK31 and SSB. There are a couple of QSO in SSTV or AM not listed in this tab. Also, my LOTW confirmations are not listed here.

Confirmed Entities in different Modes (with paper QSL)
Mode/Band 160 80 40 30 20 17 15 12 10 ALL Bands Remarks
CW   84 127 192 54 190 52 202 38 207 1146 5 Band DXCC
RTTY/DIGI   17  48   56 20   92 12   74   2   53  374 DXCC
SSB   39  49   59   90   7 102   7   75  428 DXCC

DXCC Challenge (Not yet claimed)                                                  1948

To see a detailed list of my confirmed entity’s please click DXCC List. (In this list also LOTW confirmations are included)



DXCC CW Diploma


DXCC SSB Diploma




5 Band DXCC Plague


In 1987 the ARRL issued the Golden Jubilee DXCC.  You had to work at least 100 entities during the year 1987. No QSL cards neccesary only a list with the worked entities.

Golden Jubilee DXCC


I also worked the QRP DXCC. You have to work at least 100 entities with only 5 watts output or less. I filed a list to ARRL but i am still waiting to get the certificate.


Worked all States WAS

I am also participating in the ARRL WAS diploma. Or at least i try to. After 40 years on shortwave i am still missing 4 states: W7 Idaho (ID), W7 Nevada (NV), W7 Wyoming (WY) and W0 North Dakota (ND). So this diploma ist much more difficult to work from Europe than the DXCC. I traveled to all the missing states and also worked them all but never got a QSL card 🙁

If you live in one of the missing states please i would need a sked in CW!


RSGB Islands on the air IOTA

I am also participating in the IOTA program from RSGB. So far i have confirmed 213 islandgroups.

IOTA Diploma

The German Amateur Radio Club issiues the Worked All Europe WAE Diploma. I worked this one in the mode CW: