QSL cards and QSL policy

     Although I have been QRV for 50 years now, I still love paper QSL cards. In the meantime some have accumulated. For me it is still so that the last courtesy of a QSO is a QSL card. Therefore I keep it also in such a way that I send out a QSL card for each connection. Unfortunately, in times of LOTW and Clublog not everyone follows these old rules.

Here you can find pictures of some of my sent QSL cards and also two pictures of my QSL archives.

So please remember after the QSO: Please send a QSL card!

Here are some pictures.

My old black and white QSL cards:

And some in colour:

The most recent ones:

The QSL cards I used on my „DX Peditions“

QSL Card filing system CW:

QSL card filing system other modes than CW:

This in only a small QSL filing system compared with the one Nigel, G3TXF is using. If you want to see his „QSL house“ follow this link: G3TXF QSL Card filing system.