CQ Worldwide CW Contest

Last weekend I participated in the CQ WW CW contest. After beginning the contest on 160 meters during the night, the day started very promising: the second QSO after the night’s rest was VK4SN near Brisbane. I had not worked a VK on 10 meters for years. Unfortunately it should remain one of only 10 QSO on 10 meters.

Here are my QSO results:

Band QSOs  ZN Cty
1,8      61        5     28
3,5      74       9     34
7         40       8     22
14       41      10    20
21       42      11     14
28      10       4       7
Total 268  47    125

Score : 67.940

I had the usual HF to PC interference problems on 40 meters that resulted in an output of only 50 watts on this band. It is actually only half an S – step compared to 100 watts out but in the contest this is unfortunately noticeable. For instance I tryed to work JA3YBK in his sunset hours but did not manage to work him although he produced a constant S 9 signal on my side of the propagation path.

A you can see in the followig graphics it was only a east western propagation during the contest. No QSO to Africa, South America or the Caribbean.

A map of the worked QSO´s:

Worked Zones:

Worked CQ Zones

Worked DXCC:

All points go to my Contest Club RRDXA.