IARU Reg. 1 UHF SHF Contest

I played a litte in the UHF SHF Contest last weekend. I concentrated on the 70 cm Band (432 Mhz). Here are my results:

QSO   Points   km/QSO   ODX                       DXCC   Grids

35        3918        109        564 (M1CRO/p)        5          11

I quite pleased with this result. You have to take in consideration that i live in the middle of town and only 92 m ASL.

Here ist my map:

I am very pleased with the 2 QSO to the British Islands. One of them was present almost the during the whole contest.

I made also 3 QSO on 23 cm (1296 Mhz) with a total of 377 km and the ODX of 197 km (DK0NA).

In the meantime the results are published:

On 432 MHz i am on place 223 out of 390 over the whole participants and in my subcategory (6 hours) i ended on place 41 out of 65.

On 1296 i managed to get to place 105 out of 148 participants. No subcategory  on 23 cm.