Activity in the IG – RY contest last weekend

i worked in the AG – RY RTTY contest last weekend. I never worked this contest B4 and quite liked it. I like RTTY contests anyway. The only thing i did´nt like is the 10 minute rule for single operators. Let me explain: if you work a station on one band you have to stay on this band for 10 minutes B4 you are allowed to QSY again. The 15 meter band didn´t work for me in the contest. I only heard a single station on 15 meters. I decided not to work this station otherwise i would have been stuck to 15 meters (a dead band) fo 10 minutes.

IG – RY RTTY rules

My result:

Band   QSOs   Pts   MLT   Pt/Q
3,5       37        37      29      1,0
7        32        32      22      1,0
14        31        31       24      1,0

100     100     75       1,0

Score : 7.500