Funktag on the Air Contest

this afternoon i made a couble of QSO´s in the Funktag on the Air Contest. Just for fun and to get my DOK (Deutscher Orts Kenner) F09 on the scoreboard of the Clubmeisterschaft *.

Band  QSOs Pts DXCC
3,5      20       20   1
7           2         4    2
Total 22       24    3

Score : 72

F09 ist on place 244 right now and i hope to get my DOK under place 200 in the next couble of contests:

Platz dok Punkte 10m easter ftag ukw03 ukw05 fdcw ukw06 ukw07 waecw fdssb ukw09 waessb ukw10 wag marco waertty xmas
244     F09 143.66    80.94 62.72