Sporadic E season 2021

Sporadic E season 2021 seems to be history. So let´s make a short analysis.

My first 6 Meter QSO was on August 23rd 1990. Since then i made 572 QSO on 6 Meter band. In 2021 i made 68 QSO. This is the distribution in 2021:

6 Meter QSO in 2021

I started operating on the 4 Meter Band in 2021. Made 17 QSO this season. This is the distribution of QSO´s in 2021:

4 Meter QSO in 2021.

So i guess not too bad for the first year QRV.

The maps are made with DL4MFM Log Analyzer 3,2. A easy tool to draw maps out of  log data.