CQ WW SSB Contest (3rd Contest in Oktober)

last weekend i also playe a little bit in the CQ WW SSB contest.

Because i did´nt have too much time and SSB is not my favorite mode (at least in HF contests) i choose the 10 meter band only category Sub category Classic.

So the result is told pretty quickly: 70 QSO out of 15 zones and 31 DXCC entities. Claiming 7176 points.

Interesting: good opening to the US and VE Eastcoast on Saturday but not a single QSO to North America on Sunday. Also some attempts to work Carrebian stations on Saturday. They came with almost S 9 signals or ever S 9+ and didn´t get me. (Thats why i don´t like SSB in the contest).  A lot of South America on Sunday.

See the Map: